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Mobile App

Alright peeps now here we will tell you all that we at IPIX, based in Calicut, Kerala, do in the mobile application development arena. With the number of mobile web users not only increasing by leaps and bounds every month but also becoming more discerning and demanding, your organization cannot afford to overlook this market segment. IPIX, being one of the top mobile application development companies can help you reach out to a huge audience and increase your mobile market share and give you an edge over your competition when it comes to generating revenues. Mobile apps offer more functional features, facilitates interaction and provides more tools and activities. Also, once the mobile app is downloaded onto device, the user can operate it even without being connected to the internet, just as you would use software on your computer. In today’s world, companies cannot afford to ignore this method of brand building and business growth at all. If you have a really good app that is convenient and attractive to users, you can even sell it in the App store and generate even more revenue. In fact there are innumerable ways in which you can earn some extra cash on the side with apps. It also serves as a continuous reminder of your brand and the value it offers to the public – a kind of 24/7 advertisement, if you will. It will also go round in a circle – a great app/s will bring your brand to the limelight, and because your brand is in the limelight, your apps will be in demand. You can even go one step further and offer a mobile application development tutorial – just the basic stuff of course, to arouse the curiosity and interest of wannabe developers. So whether you’re doing business in India or have an office in Dubai, whether you’re looking for a company doing Android mobile application development or on any other platform, IPIX will be there for you every step of the way.

CMS Sites

A CMS is a program with which you can publish, edit and alter content and also maintain a site from a central interface. It enables managing workflows in a synergistic environment. You can use them to make and run sites that have blogs, news or even for an e-commerce site. The main purpose of a CMS is to store, consolidate and manage files and allow controlled access to their data. You can have any number of web pages as you want, and a full site search engine.Of course, a CMS site may not be as fancy-shmancy as a hand coded site and have a lot of frills. It will be a no-nonsense, simple and solid site that will be easy to maintain. In addition to corporate websites, you can use CMS sites for corporate portals, intranets and extranets within your organization, ecommerce sites, , for online booking and reservations, and so on. Most CMSes have hundreds of extensions that will provide any extra functionality you may need, and most of them are available for free. The chief advantage of these sites are the quick publishing times, ease of maintenance, enhanced security, ability to make the site more SEO friendly, lower ops and web maintenance cost, RSS feeds that update users, and simpler structural changes via templates.Once we make the site and hand it over, it’s yours; you’re not tied to us in the way of fees or any other obligations. However, support will be provided when you do need and ask for it.

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E-Commerce Sites

What do a handicraft seller from India and an exporter in the UAE have in common? They both sell their products through an ecommerce site! An e-commerce site is one where you will actually sell your products and receive payment for the same, unlike a brochure site you may use to just promote your brand. For this reason, ecommerce website development is of vital importance for a digital media agency. How Do You Benefit From An E-Commerce Site? In several ways: a) By automating orders, sales, customer queries, receipts, confirming and scheduling deliveries, pricing explanations and options and so on, you can cut down your operating costs to a great extent. B) You can reach a larger and wider market c) Join the two above and it means it’s easier to grow your business with an online presence! You naturally want your e-commerce site to be easy for the visitor to use – access whichever page/menu they want, find what they are looking for, go from page to page easily and quickly, and buy your products eventually. Right? So how do you ensure that your website has the looks of Monica Bellucci, is solid like the Great Wall of China, and functions as smoothly as butter on hot toast? Ah, that is something you leave to us at IPIX! No matter that we are based in Kozhikode, Kerala; IPIX,Best eCommerce Website builder has been coming out with brilliant solutions that make global clients go ‘Wow!’ for nearly two decades. Using optimum software and tools we can take care that the ecommerce website development cost does not overshoot your budget. We are flexible and ensure the design process of your site is too. So you can be assured of an impeccable online presence. We mainly use Magento and Prestashop for e-commerce website development; content management services (CMS) like WordPress are also used depending on client requirements. If you would like to see an ecommerce website development proposal sample, just give us a shout, and we will take you through the process.

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