The Beginner’s Guide to WordPress SEO by Yoast

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Website Optimization is the most crucial part of search engine optimization; it is definitely the most important activity for improving the website ranking. If your website is developed in wordpress, the Yoast’s SEO plugins will help you to optimize website easily. The plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best and most user-friendly plugin available today.  The main specialty of this plugin is that it includes a number of features within a single plugin.

For every fresh website it needs some basic optimizing procedure. WordPress SEO by Yoast  helps the SEO specialist to fulfill all such basic needs of a website. There is no complication in installing the Yoast SEO plugin. Go to your plugin menu and search for the plugin then click on activate button.

After installation configure your general settings.

1. General setting

A new SEO tab is added in your admin panel upon plugin installation. By clicking the tab you can go to the plugin general settings page. The page mainly contains 4 tabs:

  • General
  • Your Info
  • Webmaster tool
  • Security

WordPress SEO by Yoast General Settings

1.1 General:

Check the tracking option; If you wish to, allow  sharing of anonymous data to plugin author,otherwise uncheck.

1.2 Your Info:

Here you can provide the website name that you want to display on search engines. Also you can provide an alternate name if you wantGoogle to consider it.  In theother option, specify whether you are a company, person or both. This feature allows you to be spotted either as a person or company. Itis also included in the social profile and Google considers it in knowledge graph as well.

1.3 Webmaster Tool

These options help you to verify your website in different search engines. This makes the verification process easier by adding Meta code that is received from search engines instead of putting bulk Meta tag in the website.

1.4 Security

This is a security option. Checking this will prevent authors from making changes to website like redirect posts, no index etc.

2. Titles and Metas

The titles and metas section contains 6 tabs as follows:

  • General
  • Homepage
  • Post Types
  • Taxonomies
  • Archives
  • Other

WordPress SEO by Yoast Title Metas Settings

Using these options you can set up your Title and Metas template, as well as the separators.  You can set up your home page tile and description static by putting data directly to the corresponding fields. 

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3. Social

This section contains mainly 5 tabs. This is to integrate your website with social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Myspace, Pinterest, YouTube, google plus and so on.

WordPress SEO by Yoast Social Settings

You can add the URL of each social media account into corresponding field; and in each social media tab you can configure the basic settings.

4. XML Sitemaps

One of the great advantages of SEO Yoast plugin is, it allowscreatingxml site maps in the website itself without the help of other site map generators.  By clicking on the XML SitemapButton in the generaltab it generates the sitemap. Before generating, you need to enable the author/user sitemap in the User sitemap section by unchecking the option given. 

5. Advanced

The advanced option is mainly for configure the breadcrumbs, permalinks and RSS feed setting. If you want a complete breakdown of the advanced option – read about it in-depth at the iFlexStudios blog- they have a lot of cool stuff. The Breadcrumbs feature allows us to create breadcrumbs in our website theme. Theses breadcrumbs have a great impact on the internal linking and also have a role in improving the rankings.

The permalink option allows you to set up the permalinks. By checking the each box in the field you can make the changes in links. The RSS feed section is more close to our SEO,because it adds backlinks to your content and helps search engines to identify whether your content is original or not.

6. Tools

These tools contain three options like bulk editor, file editor and import and export. The bulk editor allows you to edit title and description easily without entering each editor page. Be careful while doing bulk edition because there could be a chance for duplication in title and description.

WordPress SEO by Yoast Toolsl Settings

The file editor allow you to make changes in important files like roborts.txt.htaccess file .For beginners it’s better to avoid such tools because the small changes may cause a big mistake and badly effect your SEO.

 How to Optimize Each Page Using Yoast SEO Plugin?

Using Word press SEO tool you can easily optimize every page.  Make the maximum use of the plugin for better ranking.

In each post and page editor page,you have an option ‘WordPress SEO by Yoast’. By clicking on it you can see number of options like Focus keyword, SEO title, Meta description and keyword fields. Customize each page with appropriate keywords. Make sure that your focus keyword is apt for the page. Choose your title and description corresponding to the focus keyword. Depending on your Relevancy of focus keyword you can get On page points (SEO point) like Green, Yellow, Orange and Red indicating Good, Ok, Poor and Bad respectively.

WordPress SEO by Yoast Post Optimization SettingsYou can maximize your points by checking the page analysis and how strong your page is for that particular keyword. Also you can set up the canonical and other settings in the advanced option.

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