5 Important Tips to Draw Sales via Whatsapp Marketing

whats app marketing tips

Mobile marketing have been a usual way of marketing in these years. But marketing through Whatsapp has really changed the way that mobile devices are on its marketing side. Just like a coin has its two sides, Whatsapp can be used in both right and wrong way for business. Whatsapp marketing is an effective way to connect valuable customers and for business promotions. Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook for 19 billion Dollars couple of years back with a main intention that Whatsapp might reach at the peak of success by using it as a marketing tool and Mark Zuckerberg was not wrong in predicting that. This is because Whatsapp is continuously adding customers day by day and it reached a rate of 1 million new customers per day and the billion dollars spent to acquire Whatsapp is never a loss as it has 450 million customers using daily. In the modern business world, consumer data is much in demand after commodity.

Have you ever thought about popularity gained by Whatsapp in less time? It’s nothing but, more unnecessary user information has never been collected by advertising towards them.

Whatsapp – A Marketing Channel

As mentioned earlier text messaging has been used everywhere for marketing and those who are not interested in receiving those marketing messages used to stop the service. With a study being conducted in 2010 by Pew Research Center, text messages have a chance nearly to 100% to get it opened and read within their arrival time which is a better rate than email marketing.However, with 50 billion messages being passed on Whatsapp per day a question may arise if Whatsapp can be used as a means of sales process. The answer is “YES” and the sales process which builds a relationship with valuable customer is quite important. But with the limited count of characters, emojis, text messages, SMS services are not the ones typically used for a sales deal closing.

Here are 5 important tips to increase sales through Whatsapp

1. Make an engaging brand persona for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is an individual and cozy messaging stage where individuals converse with relatives, interface with companions and sometimes tease as well. Any brand that tries to get welcomed into my Whatsapp phone list needs to feel like a companion. So the initial step is to make engaging brand persona or character that speaks to your image with its Whatsapp number. Individuals don’t care to talk with indifferent organization names. Make sure your Whatsapp number is accurately available in all media in which your brand is available.

2. Offer good value to assemble a telephone database

Whatsapp will be advertisement free and henceforth so as to fabricate a base of clients, you have to offer them something of worth in return for their telephone numbers. This can be advancement, a freebie, a free administration or significant information. Design an appealing promotion to motivate clients to impart their number to you. When you include them Whatsapp, send them the promo/offer which they can then reclaim and start their relationship with you.

3. Offer relevant content

What do you do once you have begun building a telephone list? Whatsapp has a 70% engagement rate, higher than Facebook. That implies you have to offer clients, awesome content on important points to guarantee that they can engage with you.

4. Deliver speedy customer service

Whatsapp has a 70% opening rate, which implies you are just about ensured introduction of your message if your client is on Whatsapp with you. Ensure you are satisfactorily resourced to handle client inquiries. The most exceedingly bad thing you can do is to get a Whatsapp however not react for a considerable duration of time. Guarantee a devoted person(s) contingent upon the movement and guarantee his/her execution is noted.

5. Shopper research

Whatsapp has so far not been utilized widely for exploration but rather offers a simple to utilize, economical and snappy stage to run some speedy examination. You can get some information about flavors they like, request that they pick between choices the brand is proposing to dispatch in addition to other things. Additionally Whatsapp is very significant for directing some brisk exchange inside of your company. Just remember, that spamming obscure individuals on Whatsapp is inadmissible, deceptive and not viable. Rather utilize the structure of a persona, an extraordinary worth trade, substance and client administration to produce leads and deals utilizing Whatsapp.

Advantages of using Whatsapp for increasing sales


  • Usage of technology

Ensure the targeted prospect uses technology for communication. This is not only applicable to SMS, Whatsapp or texts but for every mode of communication.

  •  Strong relationship

Ensure your decision making ability here. Guarantee that the relationship you have with the prospect is on strong ground, that it prospect can understand who you are – enough where an instant message wouldn’t appear to be strange. Fundamentally, an instant message ought to just be utilized when you have a set up relationship already.

  • Solid Rationale

The initial phase in sales is trust in your association with your prospect. Indeed, even with that, you ought to have a genuine reason behind why you are sharing that data by means of instant message.

  • Communication on time

Sometimes the speediest approach to contact a prospect might be through non-conventional sales communication. In case you’re attempting to achieve your potential customer that frequently uses SMS, and you have to send time-sensitive data very urgently – you know an instant message will get to them instantly.

If it’s possible to finish a deal via phone, then it’s generally as likely that a couple well-picked lines of text could be sufficient to transform a lead into a client and close the deal. Maybe the better question is will this sort of offers approach ever become common? That one is harder to reply. There is unquestionably an expansive business sector for it. All things considered, in a review by MarketingCharts.com, it was accounted for that 50 percent of those studied have reacted to a service offered through messaging.

Obviously, the specific issue of messaging to each and every person additionally exists in telemarketing, and that practice exists still so it must have a positive ROI by getting the help of auto-dialling software. Facebook was intrigued enough to contribute about 20 billion dollars on a service of instant messaging to get a good one, so that move alone lets us know that Whatsapp will be adapted somehow the same condition. Regardless of the fact that Facebook satisfies their guarantee and doesn’t butcher Whatsapp to get to the business promoting prospects contained inside, that doesn’t mean Whatsapp, or SMS won’t assume a critical part in sales sooner.

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  • Shivani Shankar

    Whats app has changed a lot for mobile devices which is absolutely used for marketing purpose. In the right way, you can use the interaction section of tool, build an interactive community like the users mind, This is used to build the interactive community like the users mind. Make an engaging brand person, offer a valuable database, also offer some relevant content, deliver some speedy customer service, use the shopper research. This will specify some issue of messaging each and every person additional exist with some ROI of getting some help of auto dialing software. Attain the business promotion prospects by following all the messaging concepts

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