The Arrival of Microblogging and Targeted Advertising (Digital Advertising Unfolded – Part 7)

The Arrival of Microblogging and Targeted Advertising - Digital Advertising Unfolded

Hello once more, time to move ahead now!

Micro-blogging Era

Micro-blogging Era - Twitter logo

After video sharing, came the era of microblogging. In 2006, Twitter was launched, allowing users to post short messages containing just 140 characters; but it was possible to paste links to full articles or videos. Users could as easily access this service on their mobile devices as they could on their personal computers.  The popularity of this social networking site is evident from the fact that by 2012, in 6 years, the membership crossed 100 million who sent out 340 million tweets every day.

Naturally, online businesses could scarcely afford to be inactive on a social media site that had such a massive reach. What’s more, as they could post links to their YouTube videos on Twitter, it became easy to increase their visibility and boost traffic. Social media networks were increasingly getting interconnected; there was no way you could afford to skip any of the popular ones if you really wanted to have more bang for your buck online.

Soon after, Apple rolled out the first version of what later became the must-have, iconic Smartphone, the iPhone. The iTunes store became the new destination for retailers’ apps. Every app developer worth their salt clamoured to create apps to cater to this new market.

Steve Jobs introduces the first iPhone in 2007.

Steve Jobs introduces the first iPhone in 2007. | Credits: David Paul Morris/Getty Images

Being keenly interested in tumblelogging, David Karp waited for a tumblelogging platform to be rolled out by one of the been-around-for-a-while blogging platforms. He waited, and waited, and got antsy; when he saw that nobody was in the mood to do it, he thought, what the heck, and went ahead and come out with one of his own instead. And so in 2007, Tumblr was born. Just imagine how popular this became: in just 2 weeks, the member ranks swelled to 75,000! But it was from 2012 that tumblr got down to serious advertising. This was the time Adidas partnered with the site by starting an official Tumblr blog on soccer and buying placements on the user dashboard – just 2 months after Tumblr announced they were hopping on to the paid advertisements bandwagon. As of today, Tumblr boasts over 200 million blogs with 100 million+ posts, and allows users to share any stuff they like.

Localized Advertising takes root

Google Adwords LogoLocalized advertising was the next big thing in digital advertising. Online entrepreneurs started optimizing their ads and even content (site pages, related blogs, etc.) to make it geographically relevant to their target audience. You can compare localizing content to translating content from one language to another. When ads were made culturally relevant to a specific geo location, they evinced far more response and vendors saw a literal surge in traffic and conversion.

Dynamic advertising with rich creative functionality also emerged around almost the same time. This was again a form of targeted advertising. Sellers were literally seeking potential buyers based on demographics and even responding to their queries/needs. By using cookies, timings, geo locations and tracking data, sites tracked habits and preferences of users, and delivered only such ads or content to them as they considered the user was highly likely to click on and follow through. This means if you and I both are browsing the same site at the same time, we may be served different ads depending on our interests. This type of advertising also met with a great degree of success.

Yes, my dear netizens, sellers and ad makers were getting more creative and savvy by the day! Uh-Oh..look at the time! Toot-toot then, I gotta rush. But be sure that I will be back again next week with what could be the last blog in this series. Until then, stay healthy folks!

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