The Top 25 Ways to Optimize your Title Tags for SEO

26 Ways to Optimize your Title Tags for SEO

We always have some confusion about Title Tags. As we are one of the known SEO service provider in India, we would like to share some of our experience about Title tags, which we use in our clients website. Title Tags are one of the crucial factors for on-page optimization. Google consider it as one of the ranking factor for search engine. Title tags are very important for any website for SEO purpose, as I remember one of my client has changed his platform and due to that all his title tags got messed up which leads to fall in the Google ranking for his site. Here in this article I would like to share some of the important facts about the Title tag for SEO Purpose.

1. Keyword Order in title tag is an important factor in title tag optimization , Google consider first keyword as main keyword and increases SERP based on that for example, if our keyword “web designing company in India” Google will consider Web designing company as main keyword on basis of Keyword order, that means Google gives more emphasis to Web, then Designing and then Company but if we write this keyword as “India web designing company” then Google gives first preference to India, then Web, then Designing and at last to Company. So for Google ranking Keyword order is most important aspect.

2. Getting ranked for Keywords is harder than Key-phrases. A keyword will consist of one word such as [seo] [services] [India] but a key-phrase will be [seo services India] so getting rank for key-phrases is easier than Keywords so try to rank for Key-phrases.

3. Visitors in Google searches for collocation and compound words, so if you want to rank for “ancient monuments” in your title to rank for it instead of “ancient, monuments”. ‘Collocation’ term defines word which frequently appear together like ancient monuments, watch TV and where as compound words have units of meaning like teapot, post office, car park.

4. There are some famous Modifiers such as “Cheap”, or “Buy”, so if you want to buy something then you should use these Modifiers, because Google tries to extract the searcher’s view our queries. If simply search for [Seo Wikipedia] the result of search will be different from [Cheap Seo] and [Buy Seo]. Google try to find the right kind of website for your search.

5. Google only shows 70 characters in its search result so try to put all important stuff in beginning and the brand name at the end.

Google Search title tag limit

6. Google will not consider Stop words, so this is not useful in title tag, like “And” is a word. But some people search with stop words like “seo service in kerala” but the ranking factor for “seo service kerala” will not be same for other keyword.

7. Numbers in Title tag is better than without number such as if our article is about “Way to optimize your title tag” and we give this “the top 26 ways to optimize title tag”, which will have more click through rate, so consider giving number such as 10, 20, and 30 in your article.

8. Hyphens are a good way to rank for different key-phrases while only adding it once. For example if we put web-designing in our article title tag then it will rank for both [web-designing] and [webdesigning].

9. Using Commas to separate the keywords in title tag is a bad way to represent your title tag, this is because earlier people use to do keywords stuffing with commas. Now Google discounts the title tag with commas, it is now waste of the space in title tag and also it indicate to Google that may this title tag is trying to stuff the keywords.

10. Pipes “|” are used by many people to separate two keywords, as a pipe has no different meaning than a separator, some of the Dallas Seo trends tell us, Not to use pipes to separate your keyword they says it look like you are doing SEO to get rank, where as in written English we do not use pipes while writing so it look artificial. Some expert say to use hyphens and slashes in different cases.

11. Slashes “/” is very common, it will use in URLs very common, we can use them in title tag, it’s basically means “and” or “or”. We should use slashes to list synonyms or a list of phrases.

Slashes in Title tags - Google Search

12. There are other separators we use to separate the keywords in title tag such as A Plus “+”, a dot “.”,a number sign “#”, an angle quotes “<”, “>”. We use angle quotes when we combined some keywords such as software>mobile app>android, it will also look like breadcrumbs menu it’s shows a hierarchy of keywords too

13. Search engines are now become more smarter now they can track Singular and Plural of the keywords such as if someone searching for [India Hospitals] then his intension to see the list of the name of hospitals where as if someone search for [India Hospital] his aim to look at best or most known hospital in that area. Now Google can give result on basis of that.

14. Some time people use Blanks or Spaces as separators by default, for sentence structure it works like “web design solutions in dubaiuae” but when we use this to separates some keywords it will look like something like this “seo service dubaiseo service keralaseo specialist in dubai” may be it will rank well in Google but CTR will be very less for this kind of title tag.

15. Keyword proximity is very important for a keyword to rank, we already seen the keyword order is very important same way keyword proximity is also very important such as a title tag “seo service in dubai” will rank better for key-phrase [“seo service dubai”] than a title tag “seo service website hosting web development company dubai” this is due to number of keywords it have and also the lack of focus, also the distance between “seo services” and “dubai” is very high. Since it is relevent to you, I recommend rading the InMotion Hosting Reviews, as they cover a lot of ground on these subjects and more.

16. Keyword repetitions were one of the best practices in your title a few years ago, now days Google recognizes these variations so we need not to repeat these keywords anymore. Now days repeating a keyword more than twice lead to penalty for keyword stuffing unless it is really very important to add in title tag.

17. Title tag repetition does not make sense; it is just duplicating your content, so each title tag should be unique.

18.  Using very exotic special characters in title tag may have a negative impact, some time that attract attention and some time that stick out.

Google Search: special characters in title tag

19. Now Google able to recognize the Synonyms of a keyword so there is no need to use synonyms for the keywords in title tags for repetition of keywords such as Cars/Autos.

20. Same as Synonyms now Acronyms or abbreviations get treated in Google. for example if we put “SEO” in title then that will also rank for both“search engine optimization” and “SEO” so by this way we can reduce our title length and put a good quality of title tag in website.

21. Brand Names in title tag in most discussed topic in SEO industry most of the SEO Expert say that if your band has enough visibility then use them in your title so that you will be easily ranked for those keywords which would be related to your brand name, where as there is other group of expert says that as your brand you normally get good rank without doing anything so better to use title tag space for other high traffic key phrases. We at IPIX Solutions keep our strategy very simple if the brand is well known we use the brand name and if brand name is not that much famous then we use key phrases in title tag.

22. Mentioning Domain in your title tag can help you to increase visibility of your site in Google, you can use key phase with domain name such as “website development by”.

23. Matching URL in your title tag can enhance your ranking in Google such as if your site url is and your title has the keyword “web development company in dubai” then chances of ranking is high in Google search.

24. H1 and H2 tags can be matching with your title and url that can increase the chance of getting rank in Goolge but should be look relevant in content not look like spamming.

25. Title tag should be used in content that will enhance the chance of getting rank in Google.

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