Do You Know How Your Facebook Newsfeeds Work?

You might be connected with hundreds or even thousands of people on Zuckerberg’s ever-expanding social behemoth, Facebook. But, every time when you open Facebook, you might be bombarded with everything posted during the past weeks by your friends, those people you follow, every group and Facebook pages to which you belong to. Read more

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E-commerce Plug-ins Popular Trends

Electronic commerce, otherwise known as e-commerce is the looming face of business and trading sectors. It changed the entire outline of traditional trading customs by collaborating trading sector with Internet technology.  Read more

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A Fruity Welcome for Rio Olympics From the Search Giant!

It’s the day of celebration and triumph, as Rio Olympics 2016 is kicking off today with over 10,000 athletes from 207 nations, competing in 31 sporting activities between August 5th and August 21st! Alike how ambitiously the world looks at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana stadium, we were expecting Google to come with an interesting doodle like they always do. Read more

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8 Reasons why WooCommerce is Ideal for Startups

WooCommerce, very simply put, is just another free WordPress Plugin. That doesn’t mean it’s usefulness is limited; far from that. Since its launch in September 2011, it has been downloaded more than one and a half million times – that’s how popular it is! Read more

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