Dramatic Developments in Digital Advertising Unfolded (Part 1)

Today we all know digital advertising as Internet Advertising, with businesses both online and otherwise exploiting the vast potential of the internet to market themselves. We all also know how much companies have come to rely on this form of promotion. Read more

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What Exactly is Kanban Model of Software Development?

We would like to give you a brief idea on the Kanban model from tester’s point of view!!! Searching for “Kanban Model” will give you plenty of information regarding how it originated and how it became one of the latest agile software development approaches, etc.

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A Brief History of Tester’s Day

A couple of weeks ago I met one of my friend. We started sharing our software testing experience and we ended up in Testers ‘day! September 9 is Tester’s day about which many testers are unaware. Read more

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