13 Tips to Designing the Perfect Logo for Your Brand

Designing the Perfect Logo for Your Brand

Logos are not merely attractive looking symbols. If you look at the logos of famous companies around you, you can observe that the logos say something about the company – either the products or service, or the character of the company.

Look at the Amazon logo: the curved arrow that goes from the capital A in its name to the z signifies that the company deals in everything from A to Z! That is a very simple, but clever and powerful logo, and something that not just catches the eye but remains in people’s minds as well.

Amazon Logo

Amazon Logo

How to Design the Perfect Logo?

So how can you get your logo just right? Here are a few tips:

1. Keep it simple: something that can be easily identified and remembered and it also needs to be suitable for different media like business cards, social platforms, websites, brochures and so on.

2. Colors should be representative of your company’s essence. According to The Clothing People, if you’re an environment conscious organization for example, green and blue is the way to go. Blue is professional, and for medical and healthcare segments; orange suggests creativity, sociability and youth; red for thrill and energy; yellow is for brightness and cheerfulness; pink is fun and usually for female fashion/products; black suggests power, purple spirituality, wisdom, education; brown is for organic, rural, earthiness, and black embodies power and strength.

3. Font – go for one that is not very common; something unique that makes your logo stand out.

4. Your logo is the first information regarding your company – the brand and products – that you give the general public; so it needs to be designed with care, but don’t overthink it either.

5. Make sure your logo will appeal to your target audience. For example, if your target audience is young adults, a cartoony image will just backfire.

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6. Avoid designs that are obvious and common; for example, an airline company with an airplane in the logo is a big no-no.

Logo Designs

7. Make sure your logo will stand the test of time; it should not be something that will go out of fashion. Look at the Nike swoosh logo for example – it has been around for a few decades already!

8. Be bold in the design; be a trend setter rather than follower.

9. Don’t try to say too many things or stuff too much into your logo. Remember that the design must reinforce your brand.

10. Take advantage of the negative space – like the almost invisible arrow between E and X in the Fedex logo.

11. Balance your white space properly; a good example is the Microsoft logo

12. Shapes are powerful tools to convey messages: the Adidas logo represents strength, much needed for athletes.

13. Ideally your logo should be a combination of a symbol and wordmark or logotype. For just a symbol to become instantly recognizable, it will take years. Good examples of logotypes are the logos of Coca Cola, Ray Ban, and IBM.

In short when people see your logo, they should be able to connect it immediately to your company and your brands, and vice-versa. The ideal logo will help you earn customer trust and offer them a sense of solidity, in addition to making your brand visible in a sea of logos. So get out the drawing board and put on your thinking cap, and let your imagination run riot… happy logo designing!

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