A Fruity Welcome for Rio Olympics From the Search Giant!

google fruit game 2016 Olympics

It’s the day of celebration and triumph, as Rio Olympics 2016 is kicking off today with over 10,000 athletes from 207 nations, competing in 31 sporting activities between August 5th and August 21st! Alike how ambitiously the world looks at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana stadium, we were expecting Google to come with an interesting doodle like they always do. However, this time, the search giant has brought a fruit game to celebrate the vigor of this occasion!

google fruit  game

These fruit games, as the name suggests, are certainly a mock Olympics featuring out certain delicious fruits! These games are designed to work on both iOS and Android apps.

Rather than a regular doodle, Google homepage has a video in place of their colorful logo. The eye-catching video however, also explains the concepts behind the games and shows off various levels that are enclosed in it. Haven’t you watched it yet? Oh no, go and watch it right away! Never miss out this cool video that introduces you to 2016 Doodle Fruit Games by Google!

Getting on back to the game, yeah, there are couples of choices to keep you entertained for the whole week!  There is a biking game (where you can play a coconut on a BMX!), water polo, spider hurdle jumping, tennis in between a coconut and a pineapple and a lot more! Oh yeah, and there is a cute strawberry that is running hard to avoid getting crushed by anaggressive (but pretty much charming!) rolling giant watermelon; you can even play that!

Amazing right? Honestly, someone at Google was funny enough to put all these together! Whoever it is, great round of applause! Well, take your phone (no matter if it’s android or iOS!), install the latest Google app, simply tap the doodle on your device and start enjoy playing any of these fruit games right away! Set aside your pokemon, beastie bay and deck heroes, because these cute lil fruit games will be with you only for these jubilant seven days!

World’s largest search giant has brought out a lot more for us to celebrate. An ‘Olympic Special widget’ is also made into effective. You may use this to search for everything related to Olympics. Google has decided to avail all the Olympic-related information that you want at your finger tips via cards. These cards will simply pop-up on your screen when you research over Google for any information, in order to display certain information related to event schedules, athlete information etc. You’re also been privileged with TV schedules in over 30+ countries and have the option of watching live-streamed events on YouTube. For this, in point of fact, Google is shipping 15  creators to Rio, just for rewarding you the exact taste of what it’s like to be there!

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