20 Tips For Designing A Better eCommerce Website

How to design an e-Commerce website

Ecommerce or Electronic commerce is a term used for commercial transaction or buying and selling products and services involving the transfer of information through internet.

This will help the consumers to trade their goods and services with no geographical or time zone constraints. Ecommerce has grown beyond leaps and bounds for the last less than a decade and is estimated to grow in a faster pace to become the most common platform for commercial activities.

Ecommerce website

Ecommerce websites are used worldwide across business segments and one of the major platforms for commercial transactions. These websites are sites which help commercial dealings involving the transfer of information through World Wide Web. Almost all the major business sites like retail, automobile, property, auctions, music, B2B services, financial sector etc are into the ecommerce market.  Majors like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay etc are competing each other with more and more friendly schemes for market supremacy.

Designing an Ecommerce website

As a customer when we visit the ecommerce sites for our transactions, many a time we find it difficult to search and operate the sites. The reason is the design and the features are not user friendly which puts you off.  We would like to give some important tips to the designers or to those who are interested in building an ecommerce website for their successful online business implementation.  We are sure that the below given points will be very much helpful for those who are planning to create an online store or to redesign the existing one.

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  1. No to the complicated filters

Having a clear system of filters by various parameters will be ideal for any type of products and sizes. We will be able to satisfy every customer who uses such sites.

  1. The Search line should be prominently visible

The user needs to get the search field when he comes to the site to look for the product of his choice. It is necessary to make sure that the search line must be designed and placed in a prominently visible area in the site.

  1. Stock report

As we are in the word of internet marketing and more depended on SEO, removing the out of stock product from the site is not advisable. But it is also necessary not to irritate the visitors by showing out of stock statement once they finalise the product after a long search. A proper balancing act is suggested by creating a separate section in prominent place with product availability.

  1. Images of the products

Creating the visual impact is most essential. Customers will definitely be interested in the look and feel of the product. So it is imperative to make sure that the images of all the products are included.

5.   Shopping cart

Make the shopping cart button visible for the visitor to easily do the selection and purchase. Even when they scroll down for other products, the shopping cart button must be available for them to act on.

6. Option for reversing the choices

Instead of allowing the visitor to click the “back button” for reversing their selection which lead them to lose the net browser connection, it is ideal to remove the allow the visitor to remove the navigation selections.

7. Make the site easy to navigate

Big sites will definitely contain more categories of products. Instead of making the site cluttered with products list and menus it is proper to put drop down menus.

8. Avoid adding delivery charges at the end

By knowing the mindset of the visitor it is suggested not to add the delivery charges at the end as a surprise element in the whole transaction. The delivery charges option must be given in the product page itself so that the total cost is known to the visitor before finalising the transaction.

9. Ask every pixel: Is it necessary

The most successful ecommerce site will be so clean and not cluttered with unwanted stories and explanations. The visitors’ interest is to buy the product without hassle. What they want to know is the product and the price.

10. Think of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is the best way to attract the customers. Need to know the usage of H1 and H2 tags. Not to forget using the space under the header and navigation menu.

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11. Site should stand-out

Make an impressive and clean site with a personality in it which required for the site stand-out in the crowd.

12. Social media

Social media links must be given to the site which plays a major role in SEO and back links. Make sure that the links are given in such a way without dominating the page but clearly visible.

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13. Product preview to be given

No one has time to spend hours together searching for products. When the visitor comes to the site, it is necessary to get the product descriptions as quickly as possible. So it is good to give the product descriptions in an effective and convincing manner.

14. News letter sign-up

Building up a data bank is always ideal for any business organization. Especially in the ecommerce business it is always advisable to have a news sign-up form through that a data bank can be built–up.

15. Clean product pages

The product pages must be clean with crisp descriptions and an image to attract the visitors. Adding a lot of stories and additional images will clutter the page.

16. Testimonials

Try to include encouraging mails from the customers in the testimonials section. Good and praising words about the products and services will definitely encourage the visitors to do business with you.

17. Product variations must be displayed

All the product variations must be clearly mentioned. For example: for every cloth item, there could different sizes and colours available. It is essential to make the ordering with proper planning and all the details are published.

18. Avoid distractions in check-out

Make sure that the check-out process is easy and comfortable for the visitor. A single page check-out with less content in it will be more appealing.

19. “Add to cart” must be visible

In ecommerce transaction the purchase is done through selecting the product, adding to the cart and then making payment for the chosen product. So it is very important to keep the “Add to cart “section in a visible area.

20. Contact details must be amply clear

In order to attract more visitors and to keep in touch with the visitors, it is necessary to have the contact details. If case someone wants to reach out to you through phone or mail, it essential to have the full contact details in the site. Now also we see many business websites not having proper contact details in the site. So make sure that all the points are carefully incorporated in the website.

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